Popical Popcorn

"popcorn for all the right reasons"

2551 Drew St. #107
Clearwater, FL

About Us

What we're made of:

Hi-pop Organic Popcorn (non-GMO) from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Amish Country (Sorry, the corn does not grow in Florida or it would be local).  Yes, it cost a little more but we think we are worth it.  Better for our family, better for the farmers, and better for Mother Earth (beneficial to soil, water, and local habitat).  We use only pure cane sugar, Florida honey, coconut oil, and oil extracts (not artificial flavorings).


What we are:

Popical Popcorn....a spot to pick up a quick gift and supply snacks and favors that will have people oohing and awing at the many varieties of unique flavor combinations. 


What we do:

When you shop with us, you support the local community and healthy food choices.  A couple of the organizations we currently support are Earth Justice and Food & Water Watch. Leftover popcorn is donated to local homeless shelters and food banks (after a few days on the shelf)..